Sagada Green Hills transient house, a favorite among local and foreign tourists.

Now a favorite tourist staycation, Sagada Green Hills is inviting everyone to come visit Sagada and see its people, immerse yourself in its culture and unique heritage.

                               soon to be souvenir shops located at the main entrance


                                       sagada greenhills’ main house



sagada greenhills’ modern native house


The Main House

A soothing area to have a view of Mt. Ampacao while enjoying your hot coffee or tea.



The Main House is a 3-storey house with a mixture of modern and ethnic arts crafted into one. The first floor consists of the reception area, dining area, kitchen area, the living area and the balcony. The second floor consists of three (3) rooms, particularly Room 1 which can accommodate 2 paxs, room 2 can accommodate 6 paxs and room 3 can accommodate 8 paxs. The third floor consists of the open attic which can accommodate 20 paxs.